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  • Here are some great forearm stretches, ideal to help you to protect your elbows and wrists from injury after your badminton training.
  • Find out how to do burpees and why they are such a great exercise to include in any Badminton training program.
  • Training the hamstrings is a vital part of any Badminton training program, here's a great exercise you can do at home.
  • One of the most popular injuries Badminton players suffer is caused by tight muscles especially the Glutes and hamstrings, this stretch helps to stop the problem.
  • This Badminton training program is guaranteed to give you an instant advantage over your closest rivals.
  • How to jump smash with Peter Rasmuusen. Learn how to hit the perfect badminton jump smash in this short video clip.
  • The cross court net shot can be one of the most deceptive shots in Badminton. Playing the cross court net shot well will leave your opponents for dead.
  • Build badminton power in to your forearms using this strange little exercise, which you can make for yourself to improve your forearm strength.
  • Improve your Badminton reactions by using this great Badminton training drill.
  • Improve your badminton smash by using these 3 weird exercises to build strength and power in to the muscles used in every powerful winning badminton smash.
  • Develop Badminton speed by using this unusual little technique for increasing the speed of your Badminton footwork.
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  • Badminton training tips to improve fitness and technique.