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Your Badminton Grip - Is It a Help or Hindrance?

In truth the Badminton grip is one of the biggest misunderstood and badly managed areas in Badminton.


There is no right and no wrong way to hold a racket, the experience I’ve gained throughout my 30+ years of coaching and playing badminton has taught me that. 

Some people can hold the racket very oddly yet still manage to play at a very high level, it’s what works for them. 


But there is a BETTER and more efficient manner for your Badminton Grip


Despite what is said there isn’t much difference between the forehand and the backhand grip – another surprise for you.


Let’s look firstly at the forehand Badminton grip... 


There should be a ‘V’ between thumb and forefinger which is roughly in line with the racket frame, fingers are ‘spread’, the forefinger the most, and in terms of travel along the handle it is nearer the racket head than the thumb.

The Forehand Grip is a very relaxed one


Next looking at the backhand grip...


The fingers move closer together and the thumb has moved to the rear of the handle and is now ahead of the fingers, the hand may rotate on the handle slightly anticlockwise.  


The Backhand Grip is quite firm


Now forget HOW your Badminton grip is on the racket and let’s look at the thing you’re holding on to.


Racket handles vary in size and the labelling of such is largely meaningless (G5 the biggest, down to G1 the smallest). My point is, if your handle is too small for your hand you will tend to grip it in a ‘fist-like’ manner, this will lock your wrist and to some extent limit flexibility in the elbow, this you do not want as it will drastically affect the manner in which you strike the shuttle and most definitely the power generated. 


If the handle is bigger then your holding of it will be much more relaxed thereby unlocking your wrist and thus generating more power and perhaps more importantly, it becomes easier to change your Badminton grip to suit circumstance. The racket can be turned in the hand and is free to move up and down the handle. Don’t tell me you’ve never considered turning the racket in your hand to perform certain strokes?


Rather than buying a new racket at huge cost, why not simply buy a Badminton grip to put over existing handle? They’re very inexpensive and your racket will feel like new.


It may take several attempts at getting the right one to suit you. On my own favourite racket I have in fact got 3 Badminton Grips on it, but they are thin ones. 


Don’t believe me... Borrow a friend’s racket and FEEL the difference in the levels of control...


AMAZE yourself at the extra power...


MARVEL at the improvement in your game...


Sounds too good to be true? Try it and find out.


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