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Here's a collection of Badminton training tips, from myself and my good friend 'coach' Dave. If you'd like to read more about any topic below, simply click on the highlighted blue text to be taken to that article.


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Receiving a Badminton Serve - 3 Easy Ways to Gain an Instant Advantage...


If you're in the wrong position to receive a Badminton serve, a bad frame of mind or not ready, you might as well say goodbye to the point. But if you want to gain an instant advantage, then these 3 simple tips will help you to take control - Receiving a Badminton serve



Badminton Serve - How to Get Ahead From the Start


The Badminton serve is the beginning of every point. Get a good start here and you can control play, but only if your badminton serve is played well. Here's some great tips to show you how - Badminton serve



Badminton Footwork - The Engine Room of all the Great Players


Badminton footwork is an esential part of every successful players game. Some simple changes to your Badminton footwork can make all the difference - Badminton footwork



Badminton Strings - Everything You Need to Know


When was the last time you gave some thought to your Badminton strings? Probably when you broke one on your favourite racket. Here are the things you need to consider if you decide to get it restrung instead of buying a new one -  Badminton strings



Your Badminton Grip - Is It a Help or Hindrance? 


There is no right or wrong Badminton grip or way of holding a racket, some people use a very strange Badminton grip yet still manage to play at a very high level, it’s what works for them. Find out all about the badminton grip here - Badminton grip



Badminton Tips - Using the Power of the Mind


These badminton tips are actually just good old fashioned advice and common sense. Heed these words and put them in to practice and you’ll certainly see a big difference in your game. Read all about it here - Badminton tips



 Badminton Coaching - We All Need a Little Help Sometimes

Badminton coaching to help us to improve our performance but there are other ways to get this without going down the traditional route of hiring a Badminton coach - Badminton coaching

Badminton Backhand - Why Do So Many Struggle To Master This Unusual Shot?

For most people their Badminton backhand is a cause of concern, because for some reason they are unable to fathom the physics of doing it. Find out how to play this elusive shot right here - Badminton backhand

How To Hit A Perfect Badminton Smash


Hitting a Badminton smash is easy, but you should realize that you may be doing nearly everything right, but if just one of these elements is missing then you'll never have the sort of smash you want - Badminton Smash


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