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Receiving a Badminton Serve - 3 Easy Ways to Gain an Instant Advantage...

When you're in position and ready to receive a serve there are a few things you need to think about. Getting in to the wrong position, a bad frame of mind or even receiving when you're not quite ready can easily put you on the backfoot for the rest of the point.


Here's some really useful tips from my good friend 'Coach Dave.' 


#1  Take your time getting into position.


If the server serves and you aren't quite ready, then you should NEVER MAKE A MOVE  OR ATTEMPT TO HIT THE SHUTTLE. If you do it means you were ready in the first place.


Tell your opponent you weren't ready, if they query saying ‘you moved’, insist you were not ready and get them to re-serve.


Done occasionally and properly it’s a wonderful way of putting off your opponent.


#2  Maintain eye contact with server whilst getting into position – In fact you should STARE at them!!


#3  Decide where you are going to hit the shuttle BEFORE they serve !!!.


This may sound silly as you don’t really know how the server will serve.

But actually you do, or should do because by taking a certain position within the court, maybe taking an aggressive attacking stance, you will dictate the options that the server has.


So, the server has 3 main options...

  • Serve out wide, 
  • Fast and low down the centre line or 
  • Quick flick-serve over you head. 

You also have 3 main options which you should have decided upon before the serve is made...

  • Dropshot at corner of net, 
  • High clear down the line or 
  • Deep return to partners backhand. 

So all you need to expect and therefore practice is these shot variations !!!!!.


Sounds easy doesn’t it, well it is if you think about it beforehand, plan it and practice their execution.


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