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"The Badminton Training Tips That You'll Learn Here Will Take Your Game To a Whole New Level...


Because the Real Key to Any 'Good' Badminton Training Program is that it Includes Specific Exercises that Are Aimed at Replicating the Movements Used in a Typical Game of Badminton


And this is What this Site is all About... Using Badminton Training Techniques to Get an Instant Advantage Over Your Competition"

Badminton training is different to the training used for any other type of sport or activity, and if you really want to improve your performance and get any better, then you do need to add some specific exercises in to your training...

I've included a few examples for you at the bottom of this page to help you get started.

Badminton Fitness Tips
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Badminton is quite unlike any other sport. It has it's own special way of moving, thinking and playing nevermind the completely unique equipment used. Because of this fact, the way your training should be approached is also very different to that of other sports.

For example when comparing to one of it's closest rivals - Tennis, the basic movement of the feet is a short sprint to reach a shot, whereas in Badminton, you move across court using more of a shasse/shuffle, or side step/lunging type movement.

When we look at the mechanics of playing a shot, the arm technique also varies considerably. With Tennis you need to keep an almost straight wrist. Whereas in Badminton the wrist is the place where all the movement, control and power is generated from.

It's for this reason that Badminton training should be approached completely differently.


This means using training drills and exercises that not only improve both technique and co-ordination but also increase speed, strength and endurance in the muscles and body systems used.

To start improving as fast as possible, you need to do these things every week, so to help you I've included a few techniques below that you can use to begin improving your own game right away.

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Forearm StretchesBadminton Training Tip #1 - Stay flexible - Here's 2 little known stretches that help to reduce the chances of suffering from elbow injuries and can also increase the power in every shot you play.

Click here to find out more - Badminton flexibility

Hamstring ExerciseBadminton Training Tip #2
- A totally different way to strengthen your hamstrings, so you can move quickly across court and lunge easily to reach low shots wherever they're played.

Click here to find out more - Badminton strength

Badminton training for powerBadminton Training Tip #3
- Strengthen the muscles of the forearms so you have more control and power in every shot. Making and using this unusual tool will make a big difference to your game.

Click here to find out more - Badminton power

Badminton Training for Speed and PowerBadminton Training Tip #4
- This difficult exercise helps to build up strength, power and speed in the legs, heart and lungs, so you can keep going to the end of every match without feeling tired.

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Stretches for the GlutesBadminton Training Tip #5 - Get rid of back ache caused through playing Badminton. Stretching these muscles may be one of the easiest things you can do to avoid crippling 'next day' back ache.

Click here to find out more - Badminton injury prevention

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The program includes 8 completely different Badminton specific workouts to improve every possible area of your game complete with detailed descriptions of all the easy movements and clear photographs showing you exactly what to do.

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