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Every Time You Play Badminton, You Place a Lot of Stress on the Hamstring Muscles. It's Important to Make Sure That Your Badminton Training Includes Exercises to Work this Area

This Next Exercise is Very Effective at Strengthening the Hamstring Muscles if Done Correctly...

Strong and flexible hamstrings will help your game enormously. The hamstrings are the muscles down the back of the legs that help the legs to straighten after lunging for a drop shot over the net or reaching the back of the court to hit a clear.

The amount of stretching and work these muscles perform when playing Badminton means that to improve their performance (help you to move quicker and stretch further) you need to work them in your Badminton training program regularly.

Unfortunately, they are quite a difficult area to work on, without using specialist gym equipment, so this next exercise is a really good alternative. You will need an exercise ball to do the movement properly.

Here's the video

This exercise works the backs of the thighs, the buttocks, stomach and lower back muscles. It's also a real challenge on the deeper core muscles as they have to contract much harder to keep the body stable and straight.

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I recommend that you start by doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

To begin with just focus on doing the movement properly. Make sure your hips stay high off the floor and that your tummy muscles are pulled in as tightly as possible.

When you roll your heels out, only go out as far as you can without your legs straightening. You need to keep a slight bend in the knees, the knees should NOT BE LOCKED OUT COMPLETELY STRAIGHT.

Let your head rest on the floor and your arms also supported on the ground, down by your sides.

When rolling the ball back towards your body, try to get the full soles of your feet on to the top of the ball.

Begin with 3 sets of 10 repetitions done twice a week and then build up to 25 repetitions by adding one extra repetition on each time you do the exercise.

To progress even further and make the movement more challenging, you can do it using just one leg at a time.

REMEMBER: To do this exercise effectively you must keep your hips as high off the ground as possible.

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