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Jago Holmes, author of 'How To Start Running'Hi there, thanks for visiting ‘Badminton Training’ and welcome. My name is Jago Holmes and I’m the creator of this website and the author of the training program – ‘Badminton Training - How To Get Fit To Win'


I’m a personal trainer based here in the UK with my own training company – New Image Fitness Limited. We work mainly with clients on a one to one basis or in small groups and we’ve being doing this very successfully for over 10 years now.


We get fantastic results with the many clients that we work with and this is due mainly to the great trainers that work for us and the advice, motivation and guidance that we all provide to our clients.


Expert Author for Ezinearticles.comI regularly write for local press and and have created a range of health and fitness related digital eBooks and weight loss packages. I also present weight loss seminars as well as running my acclaimed '8 week weight loss challenge'.


I completed the majority of my training at the University of Leeds, finally gaining the YMCA Personal Trainer Award (one of the highest and most respected qualifications available in the UK for Personal Trainers) in 2000 after 3 years of study.


Being personal trainers we often work with clients who play sports seriously and recreationally and often build sports specific training in to their fitness programs, whether that be for weight loss, fitness improvements or to achieve a particular goal in life like running a race etc.


But one of the biggest problems I find that most clients face is knowing what type of training to do in order to improve their performance in their particular sports. We have many clients that play badminton regularly and some to a very high level, but none that had any idea about how to improve their fitness specifically for badminton.


So I decided to do something about it.


I created a badminton fitness training program specifically for badminton players.


It took me a few months to get everything down on paper not to mention the years of knowledge and experience I’ve gained from personally working with hundreds of badminton players.


I’ve basically put all of my experience and knowledge in to this training program so that it clearly shows any badminton player, no matter what level they play at, how to improve every area of their game through improvements to their strength, speed, stamina and fitness levels.


So with the help of a number of clients and my own personal experiences from playing regularly, I tested, refined and improved the program until I’d finally created what I think is the PERFECT training guide.


It's a complete fitness training program for anyone who plays badminton that describes in clear, easy to follow detail exactly what to do and when to do it.


Here’s a quick summary of what ‘Badminton Training - How to Get Fit to Win’ will teach you...


Blue TickHow to develop your shoulder and forearm strength so you can hit devastating smashes and powerful backhand clears to keep your opponents under pressure and you in control.


Blue TickHow to develop lightning fast footwork and speed so you can easily reach shots you'd normally just leave for dead...


Blue TickHow to wear your opponents down... whilst they'll be struggling to keep up, your new fitness will mean you'll still be as fresh as when you first stepped out on court.


Blue TickHow to create a strong and flexible core which will help to ensure pinpoint shuttle placement on every shot, so you hit more winners and cut down on needless mistakes.


Blue TickHow to stretch off properly so you virtually eliminate 'Next day' pain... no more back ache, shoulder problems or elbow soreness.


You'll learn everything you need to know about getting fitter to play your best Badminton possible and you'll discover how and why your body changes and responds to your training. (without getting too technical)



I've Spent Hundreds of Hours Researching, Testing and Developing This System, So You Don't Need to Search For Answers, It's All Been Done For You...


This badminton fitness training program has everything you need to improve your game. It's got a proven track record of being extremely effective, yet it's quick and very easy to follow!


If you'd like to find out more about how you can take all the guesswork out of your fitness training and see dramatic changes in the way you play, click here now - badminton training