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This Unusual Little Stretch Helps to Reduce Tightness Around the Buttocks and Hamstrings, Which Also Relieves Pressure on the Lower Back Muscles.

Tight Muscles Around the Buttocks is One of the Many Causes of Back Ache and Hamstring Injuries.

The video clip below shows you how to do a standing glute stretch. Usually a stretch for the buttocks will be done lying on the floor, so this alternative means you can do it anywhere.

If you apply slight pressure on the knee as shown in the clip below, you will also feel the stretch in the inner thigh as well in the glutes.

Here's the video


This stretch helps to lengthen the muscles of the buttocks (glutes) and inner thighs (adductor's). You should get in to a comfortable position where you can support yourself against something solid.

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Slowly take your stretching leg and place the foot on to the thigh of the supporting leg, just above the knee.

Sit down a little lower by bending the supporting leg and then push down gently on the knee of the stretching leg so you can feel more of a stretch on the inside of the thigh and down the back of the buttock.

Hold this stretch without bouncing for between 15 - 25 seconds before changing sides.

If the muscles still feel tight after doing the stretch once, you can repeat the stretch again on both sides.

Do the stretch straight after playing and a couple of times a week in between.

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