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The Burpee is a Great Badminton Training Technique Which Helps to Build Explosive Power and Strength in to the Legs.

This Helps You to Move Around Court Much Faster and Easily Jump to Reach Any Shots Over Your Head!

This page shows you exactly how to do a Burpee and why it is such an effective exercise to include in your Badminton training program.

The video clip below shows you how to do 2 versions of this exercise. A beginners technique and an advanced option for anyone who trains regularly and likes to jump smash whenever possible.

Here's the video


This exercise works the thighs, shoulders, backs of the arms, calves, stomach and lower back muscles. It's also a real challenge on the heart and lungs.

Doing this regularly means that you'll become faster around court, have more power to jump and spring towards shots and also have more endurance so your opponents can't beat you as easily by tiring you out and wearing you down.

Badminton Fitness Tips
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I suggest you begin with the easier option which is the first version shown above, where you squat thrust back and simply stand up. Do this for a few weeks and then go on to the second option.

Begin with 3 sets of 10 repetitions done twice a week and then build up to 3 sets of 25 repetitions by adding one extra repetition on each time you do it.

The most important point to remember when doing this exercise is to keep your tummy muscles pull in tightly and your bottom slightly up in the air as you jump forwards. This takes any pressure off the lower back.

Try to complete each set of Burpees before stopping and then rest for between 30 seconds and 2 minutes before doing your next set.

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