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Badminton Tips - Using the Power of the Mind

You’re expecting some killer technique or un-expected Badminton tips that give you an insight into the game here, aren’t you? 


Something you’ve not been able to do, perhaps some devilish shot that you’ve watched in dumb amazement. You want to know why certain people beat you, or maybe some shot selection or tactical advice to help you beat them? 


Admit it, you are aren’t you? 


OK, go on the Internet, buy every Badminton Tips book from Amazon and subscribe to every Badminton website. I guarantee your game won't get any better, not least because you will have become a Couch Potato and your eyesight will have become worse with all that reading.


This isn't the quick way to improving the way you play.


So, what Badminton tips am I offering here then? 


Well actually it’s some good old fashioned advice and common sense. Heed these words and put them in to practice and you’ll certainly see a big difference in your game.


The fitness side of Badminton as you should know by now can make a massive difference to the way you play, that's obvious I know. If you’re unsure then have a good read through some of the pages on this site.


No, one of the best Badminton tips I can give you to help in your journey to becoming a better player is the right selection of the players you choose to play against


If you want to get better, YOU MUST PLAY AGAINST BETTER PLAYERS. Don’t be shy, they were once as bad as you are now, maybe even worse!


However this in itself is a very important point. You need to make sure that they aren’t a million miles away from where you are now, just better than you. Ideally you should win some games but certainly not all. If you’re beating everyone you play against and you want to improve still further than it’s time to move up a level. 


Don’t try and be clever, just work on the basics. Being ready, moving to the shuttle, hitting the shuttle, how more basic can it get? 


Next comes the difficult part..., think about what you’re doing, don’t just give it a moment’s thought, actually stop and analyze what you’re doing, break it down into small chunks.


REALLY think about what you do. NOW watch and study how other people do it. 


Identify one of your problem areas and then for a couple of weeks devote a lot of your thinking time during games or rallies to improving that area. For example if your clears never seem to reach the back tramlines, practice that shot over and over again until they do. 


It may take longer if your bad habit is well entrenched but if you find that you aren’t improving or you seem unable to realise what the solution to the problem is then ASK for help. ASK someone to watch you. ASK them to coach you to solve the problem.


Using Badminton tips to improve your technique is more of a visual thing. Actually seeing a movement, shot or technique is far more helpful than simply reading about it.


All I can suggest here is that you get out there and play – but think about what you’re doing, don’t just simply play. 


What is the most underused and underdeveloped muscle in the human body? 


Yep, the brain – need I say more!  


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