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Badminton Coaching - We All Need a Little Help Sometimes

At some point in our sporting lives we could all have done with a little Badminton coaching to help us to improve our performance. This could be from a coach, trainer, instructor, advisor, partner or fellow player. If you’ve been lucky they may have approached you with an offer to help.


But if they’ve ever told you that you are ‘doing it wrong’, don’t listen, just walk away.


It took me many years to realise that ‘telling people they are doing it wrong’ was in fact wrong in itself. Nobody does it wrong, they just don’t know any better and need educating in better ways.


People tend to live up to what's expected of them and they tend to do better when treated as if they are capable of success. This is called the Pygmalion effect.


When we started to play badminton our bodies had no idea of what to do, so our brain made it up for us. It did this by trying to copy what it had seen others do, or it based it on past experience stored in memory.


It is then but a few steps to developing bad habits and because the brain has instigated these itself they then become very difficult to alter, even more so the older we are.


This is why the best players in any sport have always started early in life and have had constant mentoring ever since. Or that coaching has taken the form of influencing good practice from an early stage in the learning process.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay an arm and a leg for Badminton coaching lessons, there is a way to improve your technique for free...


Let’s imagine you have a problem in your game and for our purposes we’ll say your forehand clears are not very effective, but one of your regular opponents has this mastered. Why don’t you get some free Badminton coaching and get them to help you out?


If you simply ask them “How do you do that shot?” – they won’t necessarily be inclined to tell you.


But if you say to them “Can you teach me how to do that shot, its amazing,” you’ve been polite, pandered to their ego and will probably end up getting a quick lesson because of the way you approached them for advice.


However one of the most important aspects of Badminton coaching is that the person you are seeking advice from MUST know what they’re talking about. So don’t simply follow anybody’s advice without question.


Watch how they play, how they move and how they think about the game first before you decide to take on board any Badminton coaching advice they may pass your way!


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