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How To Play a Good Cross Court Net Shot.

Deception is a Big Part of Any Good Players Game Plan and If You and Your Opponents Are Well Matched Then Tricking Them in to Making Mistakes Can Be a Great Way to Gain an Advantage.

Ex World Champion Peter Rasmussen Shows You a Really Simple Way to Play the Cross Court Net Shot Perfectly...

The beauty of a good cross court net shot is that it's probably not what your opponent is expecting. Because of this you have the element of surprise without having to risk playing a difficultly disguised shot, meaning you'll gain an instant advantage over your opponents.

By waiting until the very last moment to hit the shot, you can easily catch them off guard and hit the shuttle to the place where they were least expecting it to go.

The video below shows exactly how to play the cross court net shot perfectly without the shuttle travelling too high over the net or going straight in to the net.

Peters' explanation is clear and easy to understand with some excellent coaching points that you can use yourself to practice this variation on a typical net shot.

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