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How To Hit A Perfect Badminton Smash



Basically when hitting a Badminton smash there are 4 things you need to consider...


#1 Firstly you need to get in to position. This means move your feet fast, it’s vital that you get in to the best position possible before you attempt to hit the shot, so this means getting those feet moving quickly which you can most easily do by staying on the balls of your feet when the shuttle is in play, NOT on your heels.


When you see the opportunity of hitting a badminton smash, you must turn your thoughts first to getting your feet moving... I mean actually think about your feet.


Your aim here is to get in to a position that is underneath and behind the shuttle and slightly to the left (if you’re right handed) or to the right (if you’re left handed)


Use a wide sideways stance with the rear foot parallel to the back line.


#2 Secondly, as you’re moving your feet in to position you also need to begin setting your shoulders in readiness to hit the shot.


You do this by raising your NON racket arm towards the shuttle and dropping your racket shoulder a little so you create a position with the shoulders and elbows in a line looking over the front arm.


Your racket arm should be bent at the elbow with your wrist cocked.


Load the rear leg muscles to generate power.


#3 Thirdly you need to transfer your weight on to your back leg, pushing off the back foot and twisting your body towards your opponent, straightening your knees at the same time. Your hips should move before shoulders, not after.


Reach up for the shuttle aiming to hit it in front of you and at the highest point possible.


#4 Finally, strike the shuttle as high as you can reach it, while it’s still out in front of you and on the downward arc of the swing.

Remember to relax your grip on the racquet handle before contact because it's hard to flick your wrist fast if your forearm is tense and this flick is what helps to generate power.


Follow through, keeping your arm high, while your wrist snaps completely through the shuttle. Then swing your arm down and through the shot.


Land with a wide stance, placing the non racket foot down and then the racket foot in quick succession.


All these points help to make up the perfect Badminton smash, but you should realize that you may be doing nearly all these things right, but if just one element is missing then you will never have the sort of Badminton smash you'd like.


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